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Belize Travel Insurance

Vacationing in Belize is a life enriching experience and we want to ensure that visitors enjoy it immensely. Our intent is to also safeguard the well-being of all our visitors and the premise ensures that travelers are confident that they are covered and protected from unforeseen events related to their travel. This affordable plan of US$18 for a 21 day coverage, provides you not only with financial protection and peace of mind while enjoying your Belize vacation, but more importantly, provides coverage for medical treatment if needed.

Insurance Corporation of Belize

Welcome to Belize!!!! On behalf of the Insurance Corporation of Belize We truly hope you have the most wonderful experience here, in what we consider our paradise. 

Whether you are exploring ancient Maya Temples, or diving the great blue hole, you can do so with the comfort of knowing that should the unfortunate happen, that you will be covered by one of the best medical emergency policies in the region, backed by one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. 

Thank you for choosing Belize, and we hope you enjoy your stay!!